Variant Martin Mystère

Martin Mystère e Il Grande Zirmani contro il fantasma del museo - Variant

Script: Raul Cremona, Alfredo Castelli

Script: Raul Cremona, Alfredo Castelli

Artwork: Paolo Ongaro

Colors: Daniele Rudoni

Cover: Lucio Filippucci

Martin Mystère, the Detective of the Impossible, and the incomparable "Grande Zirmani", who can create impossible things, were fated to meet and collaborate. On the surface, they may seem very different – the former a somber professor, the latter a real magician (or, maybe, just a clever con artist) – but they share a fascination for mysteries, unusual and inexplicable things. Both Martin and Zirmani have a rare gift, the “sense of wonder”, just like their biographers: Raul Cremona, actor, comedian, and great prestidigitator that, as they say, "doesn’t need an introduction". And Alfredo Castelli, who’s not an illusionist, but shares Raul’s same passion for magic, its protagonists, its clever tricks, and its multi-faceted history.

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